Sunday, 26 May 2013

Coyotes and Ravens and Snakes Oh My

A few days ago we saw a yearling coyote pass by our backyard being escorted by 2 ravens. I knew ravens flew with wolves, so I guess I shouldn't be surprised.  A day later we saw it again, this also with 2 ravens, but this time followed by two dogs.  They ran off out of site up the hill behind us, and the dogs returned very soon after. So it eluded them.

Our 5 foot long gopher snake Charlie hadn't been seen for a few weeks.  Well our neighbor found him in her chicken coop.  No wonder the hens weren't laying! So he was relocated across the street back into the desert. The way I see it, I'm in their yard.

A raven just flew by my window carrying a whole slice of bread. Wonder where he found that?
It is windy out there today. I woke up with wind howling around my window, whistling through the creosote bushes. I suppose I should go water whatever part of the garden the rabbits haven't eaten yet before it gets any warmer, but I hate dealing with the wind.