Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Happiness is a Box of Crayons

One day I thought to myself, 'I wonder why everyone assumes crayons are for kids only'. Compared to other art supplies, they are inexpensive, neater than oil or chalk pastels, and much more portable than watercolors or oil paints. You don't have to wait for them to dry and they come in a lot of colors. They don't dry out like felt tipped markers. You wouldn't normally think of using them for fashion illustration but why not? I used them last week to color in some costume sketches so I could keep the color schemes straight in my mind. I've even used them for portraiture. I use the white crayon a lot as an over layer to blend facial tones. So now my white crayon is broken in two and running out. The only down side of crayons is I don't think you can buy just one color.  So I bought a whole fresh box of crayons. This time I got an even bigger set with more colors including some metallics, neons, and other crayons of a different color.

When I started writing for Squidoo I came across a lot of reference links to adult coloring pages.  So evidently I'm not the only one out their who is over 15 and still coloring.  I'll put some of those links here.

Even if you are not an artist, crayons are great for doodling and relieving stress.  They are way cheaper than therapy. They can also be melted for special projects.  And I've used them to draw on Easter eggs before dyeing the eggs (wax resists dye).

When we were kids we used to use crayons to draw on T-shirts and then put a piece of brown paper from paper bags and iron off the excess and set the art with heat.

I still remember bible study when I was a little girl and coloring a lot from the basket full of crayon bits and pieces that sat in the center of every table. It seemed like the red was always missing.

Crayons are versatile and fun. Just don't put them in the clothes dryer. Or leave them on the dashboard.  Treat them as you would lip balm.   Don't take your crayons for granted.  Get them out and enjoy them regularly.

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  1. One of my favorite drawings of a Hawaiian sunset is a mixed media piece with markers and crayons. I used what I had on hand that night, and it turned out really nice. I still have a lot of crayons in my art supplies, and I think I might use these for a project in the future.

  2. I love sunsets, both of the art kind and of the nature kind.