Friday, 11 November 2011

Mad About Hats

     I’ve always faced a hat dilemma. I’m willing to acknowledge that I’ve been born in the wrong period, because hats are no longer a requirement to wear every time we step out of our front doors. Here is my dilemma. I love to wear hats, particularly colorful and strange hats. But I am self-conscious and don’t like to be stared at. Sometimes one side of me wins and sometimes the other side wins.  Luckily, because of being a performer I’ve gotten away with wearing pretty crazy hats.  Then again, I don’t wear them to the grocery store.  Not just because I lack confidence to wear one if I’m going alone, but if I wear one when I’m with friends, they get embarrassed. Maybe I just need more outlandish friends, I don’t know. 

     But making hats is pleasurable and fun. As far as knitting or crocheting goes, I can whip up a hat in no time. And they cost less for supplies than something like a sweater or an afghan. So years ago I started a hat blog and I’ve made some hat tutorials which I’ll share with you here.
My hat blog

My newest hat. Madhatter style top hat.

Me wearing one of my favorite knit hats and holding a snood I crocheted.

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