Monday, 7 November 2011

Kate Elliott Crown of Stars spoilers

I'm just about to start book six of the Crown of Stars series by Kate Elliot.  In was meant to be five books, but the last book was so long and complex the editors and the author decided to make it into two books.  But first I have to go to the library and renew it. I'm about done with book five, In the Ruins.
It's an epic sword and sorcery series, which is my favorite genre. If I was able to get through the Terry Goodkind Sword of Truth series, I figured I could handle this.  Truth is I'm getting rather addicted to the complexities of books that center around pagan vs judeo christian ethos types of themes. They just take me so very very long to get through them. I can only read in a quiet environment, which I am almost never in. Even sitting in front of a computer is too distracting, which is why I'm typing, not reading, right now. But In the Ruins is due today, so I need to get cracking. I've already renewed it twice.

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