Saturday, 12 November 2011

Tackling Clutter

Instead of writing about what I'm good at, I've decided to write about something I'm bad at, namely, tackling clutter.  It piles up and up. It's frustrating. It steals my confidence. It makes me feel inept. It's my nemesis.  I even started a decluttering blog. That just helped me procrastinate a little more. Having two cats makes it worse, because they knock over and paw through everything.

Anyway, today's goal is to put away 100 things.  I'm up to about 40 that I've done already. I bet if I had the energy and motivation, I could even put away 1000 things today. But after 40 I was already overwhelmed.

So I'm resting, blogging, and then I'll get back to it.
Update: I lost my focus and only got 83 things put away.  So today I'm going to put away 100 more plus another 17 that I should have done yesterday, so 117.

I'd rather be flying a kite.

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