Monday, 7 July 2014

Happiness Challenge Days 40, 41, 42, and 43

Taking the photo is the fun and easy part. Finding the time to edit, number and post the photos to 3 or 4 spots is tedious. I've missed so many days I'm not even half done yet and I'm about to be away from my computer for 2 weeks. If you do a photo project it really helps to  have a smart  phone and Instagram. I don't have either of those things. I have to wait until I'm physically sitting at my desktop computer.

100 Happy Days: Day 40 Enjoying the 4th of July weekend
Day 41 Lucerne Valley 4th of July parade. Galliker's milk truck handed out bottles of milk.

Day 43 I got my new clown badge.
Day 42 Planting a new garden. 100 Happy Days Challenge

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