Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Home From Vacation

I just got home from my 11 day working vacation on the Central Coast. I spent the last two days at the San Luis Obispo Renaissance Faire. I took a lot of amazing photos. My camera is still buried in the car somewhere but I'm looking forward to sharing the best ones after I get a good night's sleep. It is late and I don't know why I am still up. I'm certainly tired enough to fall asleep sitting up. I guess I've missed my computer and I'm catching up on Internet time.

I'll be happy to get back to my 'Give it 100' goals. I wasn't able to do it while traveling since I don't have a portable computer. So I'll just start fresh in the morning. Come check it out if you are not following me already.

My garden and my chickens grew a lot while I was gone. Chicken tails are much more prominent than when I left and the yellow chicken has a lot more white on it now. The squash and beans have both sprouted and the nasturtium seeds I planted now have leaves about the size of quarters.

The only thing that looks bad is my terrarium. I need to go look at it before bed and figure out what happened. My boyfriend thought it looked too wet and rotting so he took the lid off. But I fear then everything wilted. Oh dear. I may have to start from scratch.

I got home right at sunset. It seemed just like a cowboy movie.

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