Sunday, 27 April 2014

100 Happy Days Challenge Day 33

I've decided to keep track of my #100happydays challenge here. I'm on number 33 and the other ones are posted to Twitter. Unfortunately Twitter scrolls, and I keep losing track of what number I'm on and it's tedious fishing through all my tweets trying to find the relevant number. Then there was a death in the family on the 14th and I haven't posted a happy day since! My daughter suggested I just start where I left off.

I subscribed to the website, which promised to make a book of all the photos, but since they never sent my daughter or I a confirmation e-mail I have no idea if I'm officially in the challenge or not. No matter, I'm doing it anyway to encourage myself to focus on happy things right now.

So here is my photo for the #100happydaychallenge #day33 We got an unexpected storm that dusted the mountains behind my house with snow.