Monday, 14 November 2011

Day One Doodle Project

I like to let my subconscious mind  make the decisions when I'm doodling. It's cathartic when I do that.  I do my best not to over-analyze things and let them have a flow. It's an instinctive way to draw or paint, like process art. With this piece I started with the wavy part on the left side.  I couldn't decide if it reminded me of slides or a giant tree trunk or hilly terrain. Then I grabbed a spool of ribbon from my desk and traced the big circle with a little circle in the center. Next I did the treble clefts.  The circles didn't quite look finished, so I decided to add a stand to make it more like a Ferris wheel. Then I made the spokes. It's funny that this doodle started at McDonald's.  Then I drew in the car (I wasn't the driver). Then I restarted it at home at my desk, then I took it in the bathroom and drew the spokes. The birds were added at some point. I like the birds. Those might look interesting carved into rubber stamps.

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