Sunday, 27 November 2011

The Ten Minute Day

I'm declaring my day today a 10-minute-day.  After packing on Friday and the craft fair yesterday, it looks like the place blew up. You other artists and entertainers will know what I'm talking about. So I'm going to live today in 10 minute increments.
Ten minutes of each activity.
1. Dishes x
2. Laundry x
3. Showering x
4. Sewing
5. Unpacking x
6. Exercising x
7. Reading x
8. Looking for lost library book x
9. Painting x
10. Juggling x
11. Nanowrimo x
12. NaBloPoMo X
13. Squidoo x
14. Facebook x
15. Etsy shop x
16. Walking
17. Edit Photos x
18. Nanowrimo x
19. Drawing x
20. Photography x

That's about 3 hours worth of stuff. 200 minutes equals 3 hours and 20 minutes. I'll check them off as I go along so you can see how it goes.  I won't be doing them in any particular order.  The important things isn't when I get them done, only that I get them done. It helps to have a 10 minute timer you can carry around with you.

Forehead balance

Three pin juggling

Nose Balance

Juggling at sunset

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