Thursday, 24 November 2011

Perpetual Calendar

I made a perpetual calendar out of index cards a few months ago.  It's in a recipe box. Each day I write one line about the daily highlight.  I've been so busy I was about ten days behind.  Some of the days I remembered a highlight. Other days I couldn't remember what I did. Daily blog to the rescue.  By scrolling back through this blog, I was able to fill in all my blank cards!  Each card then goes to the back of the box, so when the year is over, I start again.  Next year will be more fun as then I can see how November 24 this year compares to November 24 next year and so on. And today is Thanksgiving.  It's always the fourth Thursday in Nov. but the date varies each year. Making your own perpetual calendar can cost under $5, or less if you already have a recipe box and index cards.  I cut the month dividers out of old postcards.

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