Saturday, 24 December 2011

Can a Girl Get a Cookie Around Here?

About 8:30 PM I decided I didn't want to sit at home alone on Christmas Eve so I'd go down to the corner Dairy Queen and write a while.  Well, they were closed. So I walked on down to McDonald's but was going to stop at the first open place with a table and a coke. Busy Bee was the next one. Also closed. You'd think an Asian place would be open. So I got halfway to McDonald's. This is not so great a neighborhood so I don't like to get too far away from home in the dark when I'm walking. The next place I could see was the Del Taco (which is across the street from McDonald's).  All the lights were out.  Del Taco was closed. But Subway had it's lights on.  When I got to the Subway I could see that McDonald's was also closed. I tried the door at Subway expecting it to be locked. Since it was now almost 9 I wasn't sure how late they stayed open on a Saturday night. Fortunately they were open until 10 so I was able to write in my journal and have some cookies. They were doing a brisk business since nothing else I could see was open. I can't believe a town as big as Anaheim just rolled up it's carpets and locked it's door just because it was Christmas Eve.

Open 24 Hours, but not on Christmas Eve I guess.

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