Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Enjoy Knott's But Don't Eat There

Yesterday I went to Knott's Berry Farm trying to get one more day in before my yearly pass expires. I won't be renewing it.
Because of the holiday season, the park was overcrowded yesterday. Since I was mainly there to take photos, the long lines weren't really an issue.  But eventually I got hungry for some lunch.
So I went to an indoor fast food counter in the Camp Snoopy section.  After 10 minutes of waiting I placed my order for a bacon cheeseburger.  The price was $7.75.  Lower on the menu sign it said you could turn it into a combo meal for $8.00.  So obviously the combo meal was a better value.  But it seemed too good to be true so I asked her to clarify.  The combo was $15.75. You got it...another $8. for just the drink and fries to go with your meal. Holy expletive!!! So I just paid for the burger.
There was no seating anywhere within site of the order counter so I stood there for 45 minutes waiting for my burger. I began to realize my ride home might get there before my lunch did.  So I asked for my money back.  By then I'd had enough of crowds and headed out the gate. Outside the gate by the employment center was a soda vending machine.  I put in my $2 for a bottle of soda.  I heard the machine sound like it had dispensed the bottle, but nothing came out. And this human-less machines offered no way to get a refund. I tried going inside the employment center to ask but those doors are by appointment only.  It was like the last kick in the ribs.

After my boyfriend picked me up I took him to Wendy's.  I had a single cheeseburger and he had a double, both with fries and drinks, and I had a chocolate frosty, and our total was under $15.75.  Plus our food was ready to eat in ten minutes or less.

I realize amusement parks are like movie theaters. They are making their profits on the food. But honestly, I know when I'm being gouged. I feel sorry for the families that had 4 or more mouths to feed.

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