Friday, 16 May 2014

Dream About a Tent City

Last night's dream was long and complicated so I'll just tell the end.

My boyfriend made some pretty shady friends and we got dragged along with them by plane to their home base. Once we landed, I was furious with the way my boyfriend had gotten so wrapped up with his new seedy friends that he completely ignored my well being. After we landed he was nowhere to be found. Finally I found him in a house on the property sitting on the living room floor making a balloon animal for someone. I told him I came to say good-bye. He just looked at me blankly.

So I left and started walking back to California. I was wearing flip-flops and only had the clothes on my back. Eventually I came to the shoreline where it was twilight and the water was blue green. There was a tent city/ shanty town stretched for miles and miles along the ocean. I tried to keep moving, wondering how long it would be until I was too hungry to keep going. People were milling about everywhere. Some were minors. The tent city was very colorful. But it was pretty much filth and squalor. Various people tried to befriend me or distract me. One girl said we could get a motel room for $25 a night. I said, "Are you kidding me, I don't have any money," and she wandered off to look for another sucker. I befriended a couple. I was rubbing his shoulders. A young boy came up and said something to them, then wandered off. I didn't hear, but they started fighting over him. The man had wanted him to stay to perform some sort of favors. The woman said no way, don't you know he has another boy with him? It sounded creepy to me so I moved on again. It was getting darker. I didn't know where I'd be staying so I just kept walking. The tent city stretched for miles and miles. I wondered if my boyfriend even realized I was gone. I wondered how far away California was. I wondered how I was going to survive.

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