Thursday, 1 November 2012

Nanowrimo Day 1

I got up at 5 AM to start my Nanowrimo novel. I got 279 words done so far. I was trying to be quiet and not wake up my boyfriend, but right as I was about to turn out the light and go back to bed he got up.  He didn't say I woke him up though. Darn this keyboard is noisy and our new house is tiny, so it's hard not to wake each other up. The moon is still in the sky. I had to kick the sleeping cat off the computer chair. He's decided it's his newest catnap spot. Then he wanted to sit on my lap, which was warm and cozy, but then I couldn't type.

After I get some more sleep hopefully I'll get to type more words of my novel and stay ahead of the daily word count. Wish me luck.

Also, leave me a comment if you want to be my Nano writing buddy or if you want me to check out  your Nanopomo blog. Thanks. Carry on.

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