Friday, 2 November 2012

Standing my Ground

How did I go from being a feminist child of the 70's, to being so dependent on a man? This stops here and now. If I need a tool I'll buy it. If I need to drill a hole in something, I'll drill it. I'll quit asking his advice in every little matter, and then apologizing when he doesn't like some decision or another that I've made. I need more women friends.

I was disgusted today when I was at a Farmer's Market and a woman was trying on a huge sparkly ring. Clearly, she loved it.  She gestured to her tall bald headed and rough looking boyfriend/husband and said, "Honey?"  He said, "NO."  She put the ring back explaining to the booth attendant that she just wanted something big and flashy to impress her lady friends. 'But he doesn't like big things on me.' Damn woman...if it makes you happy, flaunt it. Does he stop wearing his watch or belt buckle just because you don't care for them? Would he even ask you first? I realized I'm just as bad as she is, always giving in when I should stand my ground. Early on I gave up wearing rose perfume because he doesn't like it. I gave up lavendar because he can't stand the smell of it.  How many other things have I given up, both big and small, trying to get his approval?

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